Public Relations (PR)

When your company has something notable to share with the public, there’s no better way to spread the message far and wide than with an effective PR strategy.

Public relations is especially important when your company is involved in projects that excite or rally the people affected by it. We encourage our clients to be actively engaged, sympathetic, and responsive to community concerns.

The Construction Marketing team can help you manage public perceptions of your business. When something great happens, such as business expansion, added services, or an industry achievement, we can craft and distribute your announcement to thousands of news channels on the internet.

We understand how to effectively use public relations to manage situations – good or bad – in a manner beneficial to your company and its objectives as well as to that of the community. Well-executed public relations in the construction industry can and should lead to a win-win for all involved.

Construction Marketing can develop procedures and well-conceived responses for dealing with crisis situations. The time to start thinking about how your company will react to a fatality or major construction accident is not the day it happens, but ahead of the need. Proper advance planning is required to most effectively deal with a situation that, if handled poorly, can destroy even the most successful organization.

At Construction Marketing, we believe that integrated and effective marketing in the construction industry is always led with a professional public relations plan:

  • Event planning & promotion
  • Media relations
  • Talented spokespersons
  • Media coaching & consulting
  • Crisis preparedness / management
  • Social media protocols
  • Governmental perception management
  • Community perception management

Media Relations

At Construction Marketing, we design media plans that can become the blueprint for how your company tells its story. Mass media is often the preferred channel for reaching the public because audiences traditionally view news coverage as more credible than advertising or promotional efforts.

Developing and managing relationships with reporters and editors is critical to an effective outreach strategy. However, it takes a significant amount of time to identify the news outlets that are interested in your work and why it is unique. The Construction Marketing team works to build the necessary rapport with these professionals by connecting with them on a regular basis – whether it be mass media or industry-related publications.

By working with newspapers, television, radio, and the various online mediums, Construction Marketing can help communicate your newsworthy message to position your firm as an innovator in your industry.

  • News release writing & distribution
  • Pitching story ideas
  • Media coaching and consulting
  • Crisis management
  • Construction accident/fatality media response
  • Editorial/Op ed writing