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As a full-service marketing and advertising firm that serves clients nationwide, Sarasota, Florida-based Construction Marketing Inc. has a special focus for our fellow Floridians. Our Florida clients enjoy our proximity to their home offices, as it allows us access to a ground-level view of the business and its customers so that we can create the most effective marketing strategy, deliver the highest quality photography and videography services, and quickly spring into action when in-person presence is necessary.

We love our clients, no matter where they are located, and we’re highly qualified to produce effective and dynamic content marketing, SEO/SEM/CRO, website design, recruiting campaigns, print advertising and much, much more. We deliver results for our clients that translate to visibility and revenue no matter how close to or far from us they are.

Our Florida-based clients, however, often express their delight with our location and their ability to form a more personal relationship with each member of our executive team. We’ve been in the Sarasota-Bradenton area for over 12 years, so we know the area – and what resonates with its residents – more than well enough to craft and execute effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

Hiring a local marketing team saves our clients time and money, as our in-state travel expenses are a tiny fraction of those we could incur for cross-country travel, which, thanks to air travel costs, can be significant. In-state travel can be planned and executed quickly without the need for plane tickets, rental cars, or hotel accommodations. We can utilize a broader range of our professional equipment without worrying about air travel restrictions, lost luggage or other unnecessary worries so we can focus solely on creating efficacious marketing plans.

There’s no better team to handle your Florida-based business’ marketing than the experts at Construction Marketing.

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