Construction Marketing Process

On Boarding

Project Concept

In our initial (kickoff) meeting, project goals and objectives are discussed and identified. CMI will identify and request resources from client.


We will also require these standard documents, if available:

  • Style Guide
  • Logo (all versions)
  • Photos
  • Past materials
  • Competitors
  • Website hosting & FTP Server access


We will carefully review all provided materials as well as main competitors to prepare for the commencement of the project

Website Outline

We will prepare an outline of the website for your approval. The outline, or site map, will serve as a brief summary of the content on the site and will later be submitted to Google so it knows to crawl and index the site.


After reviewing existing materials, we will recommend specific additional photography for optimal project outcomes.


We will set up or refresh all Google properties and begin competitive SEO research.


Copywriter will reach out with additional questions as they work through creating the website content.

Construction Marketing Process


Content Writing

Using the information provided thus far, the copywriting team will create a content outline that will flesh out as more information is gathered.

Design Concept

The design team will create a mock-up of the landing page for client review. This concept will not have any real text; instead, we’ll insert "Lorem Ipsum" for placeholder purposes and concentrate on sections, layout and the look & feel.

Copy Review + Approval

We will provide a draft of the written content for review in Google Docs format. Additional questions can be asked and answered in the comments section of the document. If changes are needed, you will receive an updated draft for review.

Website Coding

When the website design and copy have been reviewed and approved, we’ll begin the process of coding the website. The site will be responsive, meaning it will adjust to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on from phones to TV display size.

Website Review

The website will be available for review and minor revisions on a private server prior to launch.

Construction Marketing Process


Launch Site

After client review and approval, we will launch the new website.

Online Directory Listings

We will review and correct all Google, Bing and other online directory listings for the business.


There are a few behind-the-scenes adjustments we typically perform when the site is live.

Final Review

We will carefully review the entire live site and, with your feedback, make any adjustments, fix any typos, etc.

SEO/Rankings Report

Our SEO analyst will prepare an end-of-project keyword rankings report. For ongoing clients, this will become a monthly occurrence.