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Construction Marketing creates construction proposals of many sizes. Some require the attention of a large team for a period of weeks or months, while others are handled ably in a couple weeks with just a few key people. Whether it is large, medium or small, the creation of a project winning construction proposal is a period of intense work and focus because your success is of crucial importance.

Construction Marketing Inc. is the pioneer in bringing cutting edge graphic design, photography and writing to the construction Request for Proposal (RFP) Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Quote (RFQ) response process. Our team of skilled construction industry veterans, talented copywriters, artists, designers and technicians will work closely with your construction management or design/build firm to create a construction proposal that stands above the rest.

To a large extent, when a construction management or design/build firm reaches a certain size, they have proven time and again they have what it takes to deliver high quality projects, on time and on budget. You and your competitors would not be operating at this level if you were not highly effective at what you do. The differences between firms can be obvious, but to the decision makers that read the submitted construction proposals, those differences are sometimes confusing or hard to pick out. By showing your capabilities and professionalism in the best light, we are able to clearly communicate to decision makers why your firm is the best choice.

Construction Marketing elevates the visual appearance of your proposal through highly effective graphic design techniques. Our experienced construction copywriters create and edit the content of the proposal, so that your message is clear, concise, and compelling, and perfectly matches the requirements of the response.

When the decision-making panel convenes, your construction proposal is the “silent salesman” in the room and will powerfully communicate the benefits your firm will bring to the project. We will help your proposal response be memorable and persuasive, allowing your firm to rise above your competitors.

The result is a beautifully prepared construction RFP response or construction proposal that looks great, addresses exactly the issues your future customer is most concerned with, and most importantly… is most likely to be selected for follow up interviews and final consideration.

Construction Marketing provides expert analysis and perspective to the planning process before proposal writing begins. The stakes are high and when tens or hundreds of millions of dollars are swinging on the hopes for a successful proposal, it is crucial to understand the situation as well as possible. We will help you understand the customer, their situation and challenges they and the project are facing. We also will help you understand the competitive environment and the opportunities that are available to legitimately set you apart. A construction proposal can and should be a clear solution to an existing need that also communicates a professional and deeply committed approach to the project.

We bring talent and expertise to create a stunning, unique visual presentation to your construction proposal. We research the background of the project and the personalities involved to gain insight into the most effective approach. We have often found things hinted at in RFPs that are not clearly requested, so our team reads between the lines of the RFP to glean the most crucial points that deserve the greatest emphasis in your proposal. Finally, we ensure the copy is written clearly, professionally and without confusing jargon.

Construction Marketing follows an easy-to-understand and logical process to the creation of your proposal. There are many areas that will require input and cooperation from your firm’s staff, but we will do the heavy lifting. If you prefer that we serve a support role to your process we are happy to accommodate you.

We very closely scrutinize the construction project RFP to create a list of content that needs to be created. The various areas that need to be created are assigned to our team with a central coordinator who manages the process. The project coordinator is your administrative contact during the process. Our executive project manager will be working at a higher level with your firm’s management team while this process is underway. We respect your time, but to ensure success we will need to have detailed, candid discussions about your firm, its history and capabilities.

As the various pieces of your new proposal come together, we begin the process of assembling the proposal by bringing together the images, artwork, written copy and tabular data. A construction proposal release draft is created and this is shared with the client for review and comment. Edits and changes requested by the client are worked through to complete the finished proposal.

Finished proposals are available as secure online documents, electronic (PDF) or printed versions.

Our team writes the vast majority of the copy included in your proposal, but we do need guidance from you regarding the specifics of your company and approach to the project, as well as mandated items like schedules and forms. We make proposal development dramatically faster and better for our clients, giving them more time to run their business.

Very often, we are brought in by construction managers and design/build firms when a very special opportunity presents itself that the client is highly motivated to win. They want to maximize their chances of selection, and that’s what Construction Marketing delivers – a proposal that gets results.

The very powerful group of talented writers, artists and designers we bring to construction proposal and RFP response process allows us to create highly flexible content. After the primary proposal is complete, clients often ask that we create Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher “templates” of proposal content in a more generic form that can be used to create new construction proposals for other projects. This way you have the amazing design and structure of our proposal in a format you can easily customize simply by changing the titles, headings, text and images in certain areas. This approach provides your firm with maximum ability to complete upcoming proposals within your own team, using a proven, sophisticated and highly successful template designed by Construction Marketing.