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Brand Identity

10 Techniques to Build Brand Identity

through the use of Social Media

By Alexis Jade
November 16, 2021
Building Brand Identity

The success of your company depends, in part, on the strength of your brand identity. Not only does it impact consumers, but it affects how people view your company, what they purchase from you, and even whether or not they choose to continue buying from you.

A strong brand identity is built with precise techniques over time, but what are these techniques, and how can you implement them?

Here is a list of 10 techniques you can use for your own brand reputation management:

1. Establish a social media presence

brand identity techniques

Your business needs a solid online presence to establish an identity that reflects who you are and what you offer to customers. That means you need to establish yourself across popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

If you only have one social media account or only post regularly on one platform, you aren't maximizing the ability to reach as many people as possible.


2. Post consistently

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It's essential not only to have a social media presence but also that your business or organization maintains this presence. If you're just starting out with an account, it might take some time before you get to where you want to be.

But while gaining followers can take some time, a crucial component to building that follower base is to post consistently. All social media sites follow an algorithm based on a number of factors, with consistency being high on the list. So, for example, pick one day of the week and make it a goal to post on this day every week.

3. Be consistent across accounts

On that note, it is also essential that you create a consistent image across all of your accounts. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should post precisely the same things on each account, but it does mean that you should stick to similar topics.

For instance, if you post fitness content on your Instagram account but nothing fitness-related on your Twitter, this inconsistency will confuse followers.

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4. Celebrity branding

People idolize and trust celebrities to provide them with good products. So, celebrity branding can be a very effective way to get people interested in your brand.

Celebrities have large followings across social media accounts, so if they post about your brand, there’s a good chance that there will be a significant impact on your business.

You can use celebrity branding to increase awareness of your brand and to build your brand’s trustworthiness. For example, if you are a sports brand that receives a celebrity endorsement from a famous football star, this will likely increase awareness of your brand and will inspire people to purchase products from you.

5. Logo design

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Your logo is crucial because it's the image that represents your company or brand, and it needs to be simple, relevant and easily distinguishable.

It is important to note that your logo does not always need to be the same one, and it can change with different seasons, events, or even when you are permanently changing your brand.

Just be sure to choose a logo that fits your company and use it across all social media.


6. Tone of voice

Every brand has a unique tone of voice dictated by its logo, slogan and overall message. If you don't have a logo or a slogan, your first step should be to make these! The process of creating a logo should follow the tips from tip 5 above. A slogan should be punchy and memorable, like "Just Do It.”

You should note words or phrases that you want to be associated with your brand versus words or phrases that you don’t. Then, you can refer back to this list later as you create posts to create consistency and strong brand identity.

7. Combine visual and written content

Your social media accounts should be a mixture of visual content (pictures, videos, GIFs) and written content. This way, you can engage your followers with a variety of things.

Don't rely on just one type of content, or your following will get bored. And if you don't have someone on your team that is good with both forms of content, start learning now!

You must incorporate a bit of versatility into your brand reputation management, lest your fanbase gets bored.

8. Interact and engage

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It's important to listen to what your customers are saying. You can do so by using social media monitoring tools, which allow you to monitor all posts with your brand name, key terms, or hashtags that you choose.

Listening to what people are saying about your brand is important because it can help you retain customers, learn more about what they want, and adjust your promotions or services if necessary.

You can create hashtags for your customers to share their experiences with your brand, leave comments or likes on posts that tag your company, and answer any questions that people may have about your business.

Customer relationships can make or break a brand, and you should always strive to engage with your customers and keep them happy.

9. Stay relevant and participate in trends

Staying relevant is important because it can help people remember your brand and, therefore, more likely to purchase.

One of the best ways to stay relevant on social media is to participate in trends that can relate to your business. For example, we all remember the infamous 2015 ALS ice bucket challenge that went viral and all of the brands that joined it to stay relevant. By participating in trends like this, you can establish yourself as a social media savvy brand that cares about relating to its potential customers.

10. Be exciting

Use bright colors, images, a color scheme – anything that will make your brand stand out as unique (just make sure your theming is consistent with your branding).

When browsing through page after page of social media posts, the ones that stand out are the most likely to be shared.

If you use dull colors, logos, and text, it will be difficult for your customers to remember you, making it more challenging to establish a lasting and memorable brand.


By following these tips, you will soon find that your company or brand can have a strong social media presence. It is important to note that all of these points will work better if they are used together. When it comes to brand reputation management, the most important thing is always to be consistent and to assess every angle.

About the Author

Alexia Jade is a social media and sports branding expert who works for Brand Star Sports & Entertainment, a sports branding company that offers full-service marketing solutions to professional athletes and teams across the country. Alexia has an extensive background in public relations, which she believes to be one of the most important aspects of any company's success. This allows her to better understand the needs of her clients to better meet their objectives. Every team has a story. She works with athletes to best tell their fans that story from beginning to the end.

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